Re: supporting all X (not only gtk+) applications in browser

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 1:55 AM, aix64 <hossein aix64 gmail com> wrote:
I can't clearly tell what specifically you're asking, whether the "network" or the client-server interaction for fetching the data.

Please be more specific, AND:
reply to the list (gtk-devel-list gnome org) not to me :-D since this way only "I" get your email.
Send to list so that everyone can see it and grasp what I could be missing.

On 01/09/13 23:34, Yuhao Zhu wrote:
Thanks!  I saw the following comments on that implementation:

Each toplevel window is mapped to a canvas element, and the content in
the windows is updated by streaming commands over a
multipart/x-mixed-replace XMLHttpRequest that uses gzip Content-Encoding
to compress the data. Window data is pushed as region copies (for
scrolling) and image diffs. Images are sent as data: uris of
uncompressed png data.

congratulations. you've just reinvented VNC along with TeamViewer and a half dozen other "remote video display" systems.

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