Re: supporting all X (not only gtk+) applications in browser

I can't clearly tell what specifically you're asking, whether the "network" or the client-server interaction for fetching the data.

Please be more specific, AND:
reply to the list (gtk-devel-list gnome org) not to me :-D since this way only "I" get your email.
Send to list so that everyone can see it and grasp what I could be missing.

On 01/09/13 23:34, Yuhao Zhu wrote:
Thanks!  I saw the following comments on that implementation:

Each toplevel window is mapped to a canvas element, and the content in
the windows is updated by streaming commands over a
multipart/x-mixed-replace XMLHttpRequest that uses gzip Content-Encoding
to compress the data. Window data is pushed as region copies (for
scrolling) and image diffs. Images are sent as data: uris of
uncompressed png data.

Input is gathered via dom events and sent to the server using websockets.

Right now this is Firefox 4 only, but it could be made to work in any
browser with websockets.

I am confused since on one hand, it is "steaming commands" and on the
other hand it is transferring images (png data).  Why do we have to go
through the network to transfer data?  The only reason I can think of is
that it assumes that the client machine that runs firefox doesn't have
X/gtk+ installed?


On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 3:54 AM, aix64 <hossein aix64 gmail com
<mailto:hossein aix64 gmail com>> wrote:

    Yes, great idea but I'd advice you to google strongly first, since
    you can find this in GTK+3 documentation:

    "Using GTK+ with HTML5

    The GDK Broadway backend provides support for displaying GTK+
    applications using HTML5 and Web sockets. To run your application in
    this way, select the Broadway backend by setting
    GDK_BACKEND=broadway. Then you can make your application appear in a
    web browser by pointing it at Note that you
    need to enable web sockets in your web browser."

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