Asking a favor to review a patch


I have filed bug 693646 about two weeks ago regarding gspawn-win32-helper.c which fixes the Win32 spawn helper programs when they are linked with msvcr80.dll or later. As msvcr80.dll (and later) are much more picky on the validity of the fd (file descriptor) passed into close(), the current code in gspawn-win32-helper.c will assert (aborted by the CRT) when it is linked against msvcr80.dll or later (please see the bug report for more details). As the helper program will be used by programs using the gspawn APIs on Windows, this problem will cause programs and tools, more notably glib-compile-resources to fail to run on Windows when it is built with msvcr80.dll or later. I am asking people, especially that build and use GLib on Windows, to see

-Whether this bug causes any problems for those building and using GLib with MinGW (as they would most probably use MSVCRT.dll) -Whether this bug affects those building and linking GLib with msvcr80.dll or later, and whether the proposed fix fixes the problem.
-Whether the patch is good to land.

Sorry for the noise, but this is a bug I would definitely like to fix and close ASAP (it's a pain if unfixed :)

With blessings, thank you!

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