Re: [GI] Get info about return value

On Sun, 2013-12-01 at 22:35 +0100, Juan Rafael García Blanco wrote:

So this is the question that I’m a little bit afraid of doing myself:
is it right to use the gobject-introspction library to generate bindings
for a compiled language?

No, because the typelib doesn't have the original argument types.  For
example, a "gulong" argument is represented by GI_TYPE_TAG_INT32 on 32
bit architectures and LLP64, and GI_TYPE_TAG_INT64 on LP64.

You should use the .gir files instead; the "ctype" may sometimes be
useful for your purposes, but note that things like GObject signals have
no original "ctype", so in the end you'll have to carry a .gir -> ctype
code mapping anyways.

This last bit is unfortunately hard - g-i is fairly strongly oriented
towards assisting bindings for higher level languages, and not the other
way around.

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