Re: Scene graphs in user interfaces

On 8/15/13, Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> wrote:
On 15 August 2013 12:12, Zenaan Harkness <zen freedbms net> wrote:
and, in particular, to add the section "Scene graphs in user interfaces":
which is currently primarily a list of various canvas libraries.

My hope is to raise awareness of the alternatives, to make it easy for
future canvas and UI scene-graph hackers to appraise themselves of
what's already available.

we already have a fairly well understood set of requirements for
adding a scene graph API in GTK.

my suggestion is to download and watch my GUADEC talk about the topic:

if you can get past my annoying voice, I detail the constraints and
design tenets for the scene graph API work that I'm currently doing.

Cool thanks. Are there any slides/transcript etc? I have a rural
dialup only at the moment, so probably can't dl a video.

Of note to my mind is Evas:

which appears surprisingly simple in its API, yet enough for UI
building, and is a scene-graph with all sorts of benefits that
entails, and given the design decisions made with Evas in particular.

my thoughts on the overall design and implementation quality of Evas
(and the overall EFL set) are probably well known, so I won't comment
on that.

Ah ok. Can you refer me/us who are not appraised of your thoughts, to
any links on the subject? I'm only interested in the technical side of

I hope the starting list of canvas's at wikipedia is useful. Dunno if
there's an appropriate QT -dev list to forward this email to, or if
there might be some cross-project mutual interest between qt/gtk/evas.

a scene graph API is pretty much integral to how a toolkit is
developed and implemented. trade-offs are made, as well as design
decisions, based on the existing code base — especially since the
general idea is to *not* break API. I don't foresee any chance of
collaboration, here.

Thanks for the feedback.

I am only a Java programmer, and have no experience either way outside
of Java's libraries. I am wondering - have you managed to catch up
with Carsten at any conference and talk design together?

Thanks again

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