Scene graphs in user interfaces

Hi, I just read the recent 2013-08-14 LWN article:
in particular regarding Clutter, a scene-graph canvas, and the calls
over the years to merge Clutter with GTK.

This motivated me to read the linked wikipedia page:

and, in particular, to add the section "Scene graphs in user interfaces":
which is currently primarily a list of various canvas libraries.

My hope is to raise awareness of the alternatives, to make it easy for
future canvas and UI scene-graph hackers to appraise themselves of
what's already available.

Of note to my mind is Evas:

which appears surprisingly simple in its API, yet enough for UI
building, and is a scene-graph with all sorts of benefits that
entails, and given the design decisions made with Evas in particular.

I hope the starting list of canvas's at wikipedia is useful. Dunno if
there's an appropriate QT -dev list to forward this email to, or if
there might be some cross-project mutual interest between qt/gtk/evas.


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