Re: Test failing after recently updating glib (from git)

Le 28/04/2013 09:32, John Emmas a écrit :
The last time I updated glib (from git) was around a fortnight ago. I'm
building using MSVC but up until now, everything's been building and
running okay.

This morning I updated to the latest git sources and re-built (after
adding a new source module, 'gio/gbytesicon.c').  Everything still
builds fine but I now get an error if I build and run
'tests/testgobject.c'.  It now fails at line 404:-

        dobject = g_object_new (DERIVED_TYPE_OBJECT, NULL);

Strictly speaking, it actually asserts at line 211 (in
'test_object_init') :-

        g_assert ((gchar *)priv >= (gchar *)tobject + sizeof (TestObject));

Could someone test this in an official build and let me know if a
general problem's been introduced - or if it's something specific to my
build?  'gobject.c' was one of the changed files, in case that's
significant.  Thanks.

Apparently this isn't a test run by make check (make check passes just
fine here, Linux x86-64), but indeed tests/testgobject doesn't work
anymore as of master.

31fde567a95ff8f50b6b0e75d4010da9b73514ed broke it, but this looks very
legitimate, so probably the test simply has to be updated.


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