Re: GtkAppChooser custom command patch

Hi Olav, Olav Vitters writes:
It is good that you're trying to help, and I can understand you think a
"custom command" is helpful. But what you really need is a desktop file.
A desktop file ensures that things work correctly (correct mime types,
startup notification, etc). There are programs which already allow you
to create such desktop files, e.g. alacarte (though it had some issues).
Note that some time will always be wasted. E.g. Mattias probably looks
at various patches which have bugs in them. Pretty much wasted time
because he wouldn't have to spend time if people did exactly what he
Or in other words: accepting patches because you spend time on the patch
is not how things are or should be done.

Of course not ; I wouldn't do so on my own projects either. But maybe the tone of my mail - a bit dramatic - made it look otherwise.
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