Re: path="" (or not) in GSettings schemas

Le 17/10/2012 18:02, Ryan Lortie a écrit :

Even if we don't do #2, I think doing #1 might be useful. I don't have any evidence (even anecdotal) to support the idea that the current situation is confusing but it seems that a helpful warning explaining to the user that "<schema id='a.b.c'>" doesn't mean what they think may be useful...

Hey Ryan,

I'm not a big fan of "let's warn and do the semantic change anyway after some time", you have no good way to check that the message went through to everyone and that you are not going to break something...

One thing which seems to confuse some people, in the current documentation, is that the path format is detailed but there are no explanations of what the path is used for in the application (if you write a "standard" gsettings client you will end up using the schemas id only and wonder what you should have done with the path or if you are missing something).

Some suggestions on things I could see as potential improvement:

* add a "path=id" which would build the path from the id and recommend in the API to use that

* update the API documentation to specificy that for most applications the path is an implementation detail and should just follow the id naming

* deprecate "id" and "path" and add a new "pathid" with the new semantic. This way you never break the compat but you can update the documentation and hopefully phase out the use of the old arguments over time...

Sebastien Bacher

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