Re: path="" (or not) in GSettings schemas

On 12-10-17 12:17 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:

   <fixedschema id='a.b.c'>
   <relocatableschema id='x.y.z'>

Seb mentioned a variation on this theme focusing on attribute names instead:

  <schema pathid=...>     <!-- same as fixedschema above -->

My problem with these proposals is that <schema> and "id" are the natural names to use here and that people will find a lot of online "help" instructing them about that.

It's also problematic from the standpoint of not wanting the entire world to have to change over to the 'new way' and not wanting to have two separate element/attribute names around forever.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint I guess I could accept <schema name=''>...

Then we could have

  <schema name='a.b.c'/>
  <schema name='x.y.z' relocatable='yes'/>

and throw warnings if we ever see id=''... We could keep the warnings forever (ie: never have an incompatible change).

I could see a lot of people being annoyed about that, though.


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