Re: Adding gtkparasite to gtk?

Hi Christian,

On 10 October 2012 01:10, Christian Hammond <chipx86 chipx86 com> wrote:
> That's a fine goal and all, but I must ask why people haven't sent us these
> patches and worked around our repository? We're not dead, just the tool's
> been working fine for our needs and we haven't seen any activity or support
> around it.
> It would have been much appreciated to be contacted before assuming
> maintainership of the project. We weren't intending to relinquish that just
> yet, and would like to discuss it with people before that were to happen.

Oh, I'm not claiming maintainership on it at all. But you're right
that I should have contacted you first about this, my apologies.

It's just that people have been doing gtkparasite forks all over the
internet and today I decided to finally push all the fixes I knew to a
place where a lot of interested parties can share the maintenance

If you're not happy on having it in we can take it back
down I guess.


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