Minutes of the IRC meeting of November 29th, 2012

Minutes for the Meeting of November 29th, 2012

• Agenda

- Notifications (cosimoc)
  - Bug 688492
  - no changes since the email to gtk-devel-list
  - https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-devel-list/2012-November/msg00009.html
  - cosimoc and desrt had a discussion on IRC about app activation and
mapping app actions to notification actions
  - if we want to target 3.8, then we could have a reduced API land in
gtk+ matching the current notification DBus spec, or a reduced version
of the new spec
  - it's riskier to have an unsettled API late in the cycle
  - it could be added in 3.9.1 for 3.10
  - can the notification API be moved down to GApplication?
  - notifications do not require gtk
  - can you retrieves notifications by their id? yes, there is a
get_notifications() method, but a get_notification_by_id() can be
added as well
  - could we tie this API to a busy/progress/message-count API?
    - bug 672018, be able to show a busy spinner or a message counter
in the shell
    - it's a bit orthogonal, but it can be integrated
  - ACTION: cosimoc to change the draft of the spec to incorporate
comments from desrt
  - ACTION: cosimoc to get comments from other environments (Unity, KDE?, XFCE?)
  - also, have an implementation to test, and start port applications to it
- Scrollbar markers (aruiz)
  - Bug 623712
  - aruiz resurrected the patch and branch from the 2.x days
  - the original patch was less flexible from an app developer perspective
  - the new patch adds (themable) markers in the trough of the scrollbar
  - the rework of the patch added a "draw"-like signal that allows
third party code to intercept the marker drawing code
  - if each marker is independently drawable then it should be mapped
to a separate object (for the future "actor" rework of the drawing
  - we are progressing towards fewer scrollbars, and less visually
distinctive ones
  - this behaviour is fairly special, and could also live outside gtk
if we added enough API to allow applications to add/use their own
scroll bars for widgets like GtkScrolledWindow
  - no additional signal to GtkScrollbar
  - but it should be possible to allow custom GtkScrollbars into
  - ACTION: aruiz to explore the impact of having API to set/update
the scrollbars inside GtkScrolledWindow
  - ACTION: aruiz to summarize the positions of the meeting for
scrollbar markers on gtk-devel-list

• Next meeting: December 6th, 2012, at 20:00 UTC
  - the meeting was adjourned after 2 hours

• Discussed on the mailing list
- Using $HOME in g_get_home_dir()
  - g_get_home_dir() behaviour has been documented for 10+ years
  - we honour the XDG base dir spec everywhere, ignoring $HOME feels weird
  - the XDG base dir spec is based off of $HOME, so using
g_get_home_dir() does not strictly conform to the intent of the spec
  - option: add a g_get_user_home_dir() that uses $HOME (and falls
back to g_get_home_dir()) and use it in the XDG-related API
  - counter-proposal to avoid API churn: just fix g_get_home_dir() to
honour $HOME
  - third option: ignore the issue, though it leaves the Debian patch
adding a G_HOME envvar in place
  - ACTION: desrt to write the change for g_get_home_dir() in the release notes
- Guidelines for stable branches of GLib and GTK+
- File chooser: "recent-files / $CWD" to go in 2-24 and master?
  - should the change to add a configuration option for the default
folder land in gtk-2-24?
  - the same change will land in master along with the places sidebar,
though the places sidebar still needs some review
  - gtk-2-24 is already treated specially, as opposed to our stable branches
  - the patch adds a global configuration option for the file chooser
to either show $cwd or the recently used files list by default
  - it also adds a menu item to select between the two
  - should just be a setting? distributions/savvy users can override it
  - possibly even in the tweak tool
  - ACTION: federico to rework the patch to remove all UI bits and
just have a simple yes/no gsetting.  Will be possible for users to
manually set it (and distros to change the default) and hopefully it
will get adding to the tweak tool.
- GProperty status
- Add <template> and object exporting to GtkBuilder
- Mainloop debugging
- Sharing settings between GtkFileChooser and Nautilus

thanks everyone for attending; the minutes will be linked on the wiki as usual.


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