Re: Ropes and String Formatting

Is there any particular reason I'm being ignored?
Russell Harmon

On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 6:54 AM, Russell Harmon <russ eatnumber1 com> wrote:
I'm looking to implement two things which I think would be quite useful if included in glib.

- Ropes [1]
- Custom string formatting helper routines

What are people's thoughts on this? I was doing a little prototyping and was having trouble deciding whether to have the string formatting helper routines take and return ropes (which would be algorithmically faster), or take and return gchar *s which would probably be faster on very small strings, depending on the specifics of the implementation. Or, do you guys not worry about performance on that level?

I was also wondering about what you guys' policy on code simplicity vs performance is. String formatting routines (that take and return a gchar *) could be implemented relatively easily, but would be very inefficient with calls to realloc() on every conversion, or could be implemented much more efficiently but with a great deal more code. You can see an example of this in some code I wrote last year, [2] although I think I can do better than this example by a great deal.

Lastly, would you guys even be interested in ropes and string formatting routines at all?

Russell Harmon


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