Re: g_filename_to_uri() issue in glib-win32

On 23 May 2012, at 10:05, John Emmas wrote:

Still a bit confused really...  :-(

Not any more....

My confusion arose from the fact that the notes for g_filename_to_uri() (i.e. the note inside gconvert.c) states that its based on the requirements of RFC 2396:-

which has no requirement for a URI string to be pre-converted into UTF-8.  However, I've just been told by a colleague that RFC 2396 has been superseded by RFC 3986:-

by which time, the requirement had been introduced (see the very last paragraph of section 2).

So yes - it looks like Glib is doing the right thing and the problem must be elsewhere.  Thanks for everyone's help with this.


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