Quick question for Windows GTK+-3.x users/devs


(Sorry for posting to multiple lists for this...please let me know if I mailed to an inappropriate list:) )

I would like to know from people that are developing (or running) GTK+-3.x apps on Windows (at least on Windows XP/7) [even for the demo program]-whether you are affected by the problem described in BGO# 676077, where you see funny characters like the one shown by the png image displayed in the keyboard input box when you hit Backspace, Delete and/or ESC, invisible characters when you hit Enter/Return and/or TAB, instead of the "expected" behaviors for those keys when they are being hit.  If that problem sounds familiar to you, can you please test the patch I have in comment #1 in that same bug (which seemed to fix the problem for me; I built the stack entirely using Visual C++ 2008/2010 for references)?

Thank you very much for your help.

With blessings.
-Fan, Chun-wei

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