"long" version of GPointerArray?

Hi. This is my post to this particular list, though I've asked a lot of
questions on gtk-app-devel. I was wondering: Have you guys considered
creating some GPointerArray version with a "gulong" based API instead of
a "guint" based API? (Perhaps, to go alongside the old one, instead of
replacing it.)

It seems unfortunate to me that the API for GPointerArray uses guint in
its parameters, instead of gulong. Then on 64 bit platforms our apps are
limited to 32 bits worth of pointer data. But if it was gulong, then I'd
have 32 bits on the 32 bit platform and 64 bits on the 64 bit platform.

I could of course use my own pointer array, but your wrapper
implementation is so convenient with all the associated functions (like
g_ptr_array_remove_index()) and the internal memory handling optimization.


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