GTK+ <> design meetup in Brno


some idea that came up in theme-related irc chatter today: Considering
we have a GTK+ hackfest in Brno Feb 17-21, and a bunch of GNOME design
people are in town that weekend as well, we should arrange for an hour
or so of free-form discussion along the toolkit <> design boundary.
Possible topics include:

- Do pixel-perfect designs serve us well (considering GTK+ is somewhat
ill-equipped to implement them) ?

- Theming vs Layout: where's the line ?

- Can we make better use of CSS than we currently do ?

- What are the top 5 sore spots in the toolkit, from the design perspective

I don't know exactly when the designers will arrive and what their
schedule looks like, so we'll have to juggle times a bit.
Initial proposal: lets get together Sunday afternoon, say 2-3 - does
that work for everybody ?


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