GtkBuilder GMenu changes


I was quite fond of the XML format originally used by GMenu because it
allowed for a relatively concise expression of the menus in your
application.  It turned out that this format didn't jive well with the
rest of GtkBuilder and, particularly, the tools that we use to extract
translations from our XML file formats.

For this reason, the format has been changed to be brought more into
line with how the rest of GtkBuilder works.  In doing so, I also moved
the code of the parser itself into Gtk and made it private (only to be
called by GtkBuilder).

The GLib API for parsing menus will soon disappear.  When it does, you
will have to ensure that you have the new version of GTK installed.

I apologise for making this change after many people have probably
already written their menus in the old format.  To mitigate the
inconvenience, I wrote a small XSLT program that should help with the
process of converting to the new format.

XSLT program:


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