Re: RFC: new features

On 01/12/2012 03:59 AM, Benjamin Otte wrote:
> One thing I've been wondering about is what features GTK is missing.
> This is mostly about developer-visible APIs, ie new widgets, and not
> about internal changes. I have some ideas from IRC discussions, mails
> and applications, but of course there might be big things I'm missing.

I've seen several implementations in aps (e.g. gimp has one). I did one
for buzztard. It shows a random message from the tips list. The 'random'
part remembers which one has been shown already and selects random
messages from the not yet shown tips. In the dialog one can ask for
another tip or dismiss it. One more thing I planned is to have a link to
the help or a link to some online resource optionally associated with
each tip. I was also thinking of optionally having a picture shown next
to the tip (like saying "machine icons have context menus" and showing
an image with a opened context menu next to a machine icon.).

SCALE widget with defined fill-start
I brought that up when fill was added to range widgets, but my comment
was ignored. Imagine a panorama scale widget - range is [left (-100) -
middle (0) - right (100)] - t would be awesome if I could tell that
fill-start is at 0.0 and the fill is drawn towards left or right
depending on the value.

for developers - find a way to make gtk-parasite work with modal dialogs
(and maybe include it with gtk or advertise it more - a tools section on having gtkparasite, glade, devhelp ... ?)

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