Re: RFC: UI design

On 01/09/2012 06:25 PM, Benjamin Otte wrote:
> Keep in mind that those kiosk or other embedded applications
> themselves are the platform though. So for those cases, the
> distinction does not matter. It doesn't even matter if you have
> multiple applications if you still control the design of all of them
> (you can do sth like
> to the system theme).  It only gets interesting once you want to allow
> external developers to integrate with your platform.

If the theme writers can officially alter application-specific theming, there should be a way for them to specify the app in a better way than bizarre hacks on widget hierarchy.

I was told a long time ago while doing websites that having a website-specific id on <body> or <html> made it easier for user stylesheets to alter things on a website. Maybe it's time to introduce app-level ids as well.

Maybe even we would tell gtk to only load the .css file associated with that app rather than forcing every single app to parse the evolution or nautilus-specific theming.

The problem with handling app-specific theming in the theme, though, is that it will only work for mainstream applications. You can't expect a theme to contain specific styling for newer or less common apps. To phrase it otherwise, how are LXDE and XFCE people supposed to theme their applications to work well with Adwaita?

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