PyGObject - GI - Adventure (was: TypeError: Expected GObject.Object, but got GObjectMeta)

Sorry folks, I don't want to spam the lists here but I thought it may be
interesting as I'm certainly not the only one running into these issues.

The original initialization issue was obviously coming from using static
bindings and GI in parallel (which worked in the past). Moving to newer
versions (pygobject 3.1.1 and gobject-introspection 1.31.10) it
obviously does not work any longer. 

So, after moving ALL static bindings to GI it seems to work now. The
last obstacle I had to take was to port the code using the static gst
bindings to GI, which is tricky as quite a few methods are marked as

I'm not sure whether there would have been another way to solve this,
but at least it works. 


tomw <tomw ubilix com>

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