Re: touch events

On 02/03/2012 01:44 AM, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
2012/2/2 Benjamin Otte<otte gnome org>

So from reading Matthias' mails it seems to me that this is the first
step, so we should get this right first. We should have a good idea of
where we want to go, but we don't need to merge the full multitouch
branch to get touch events. So let's start small.
Note that I do not have any touch-capable devices, so I have no way to
test the things I'm suggesting here. All I can and will do for now is
API review.

Just FYI, if anyone wants to get a device to test this, the Apple magic
trackpad works on Linux and it is really neat for testing.

Chase Douglas and the other touch engineers in the System teams use it for
the gesture support development in Ubuntu. It is a good workaround if you
don't want to buy a whole multitouch capable tablet(pc).

The Apple magic trackpad sounds interesting, indeed. I am using here the Wetab [1] with Fedora rawhide and the gtk-multitouch branch to explore the touchscreen possibilities until Fedora-ARM gets ready for rawhide so I can run on the XO-1.75/touch [2]. Was wondering the other day what devices others were using.



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