Re: RtoL interface problem in Win32 (translation; UI turnaround)

At 03.02.2012 23:14, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:

We invoke with LC_ALL=fa_IR (Farsi/Iraq) and the Linux build is happy as
can be.  The problem with the Win32 build's display is two-fold:

- half the translation occurs
- the UI is not RtoL-inverted.

"Half the translation" means that dynamic content driven by the app,
e.g. the sidebar category list and the button selectors above the
sidebar, is properly translated.  Static content, including the main
menu as well as all dialogs e.g. preferences, is not translated.  And as
you can see, the interface did not turn itself around for fa_IR.

Given the missing translation (of Gtk+ provided strings) and the code in gtkmain.c(do_post_parse_initialization) I assume your win32 installation is lacking (or not finding) ...\share\locale\fa\LC_MESSAGES\

Testing this assumption with Dia and LANG=fa did not lead to the desired effect. But LANG=ar as another RTL langiage seems to work just fine.

So apparently there is something addtionaly wrong with Farsi support.
I'm out of ideas now.


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