A new color selection dialog


I have spent a few evenings implementing a design for a new color
chooser [1][2]. The results can be found in the wip/colorchooser
branch. I am pretty happy with how this has worked out [3]; all that
is missing is a bit of theming to make the checkmark and the edit
popups look nicer. It would be great if people could try it out and
provide some feedback; my current plan is to merge this before or
during the hackfest; as a GtkColorSelection, GtkColorSelectionDialog
and GtkHSV will be deprecated.

The API follows the pattern that we have established with the new font
chooser: There is a small interface, GtkColorChooser, which is
implemented by GtkColorButton, GtkColorChooserWidget and
GtkColorChooserDialog. The dialog is just a thin wrapper around the
widget, and GtkColorButton brings up a color chooser dialog now. The
API is fairly minimal, and can be seen here:


The way things are currently set up, the custom colors and the last
selected color are always stored in gsettings. I think that is what we
want; it would be possible to let applications store their color
history in a separate gsettings location; but we haven't done that for
the file chooser either.


[1] http://live.gnome.org/GnomeOS/Design/Whiteboards/ColorSelection#Tentative_Design
[2] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=668127
[3] http://mclasen.fedorapeople.org/colorchooser1.png

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