Re: Regarding resurrecting distutils support in PyGObject

Hello Dieter,

Thanks for the pointers, hopefully I could get some of these things going soon. Might need to put more things in this thread as it churns along.
Note that at the time I removed those files, mvsc support had already been
bit-rotting for years and the distutils machinery was only used to
create win32 binaries with MinGW GCC afaik.
Hmm, that's interesting to hear... apparently I did manage to build PyGObject-2.28.6 and PYGTK-2.24.0 with MSVC 2008 as the code was C89 compatible as far as I could recall... and managed to run the examples and even CherryTree in both win32 and x86-64 modes, but apparently a few minor hacks were needed, such as adding --msvc-syntax for pkg-config.

Since this is most probably only going to support MSVC, as you've mentioned-it may be so that I might do it in a way without pkg-config or force the use of the --msvc-syntax flag.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

With blessings.

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