Re: Regarding resurrecting distutils support in PyGObject

On 2012-12-24 12:09, Fan Chun-wei wrote:
I am currently looking at trying to resurrect the distutils support
for building PyGObject

Ah, yes, removed in
I'll point to the state of those files in the pygobject-2-28 branch as
iirc those had a few fixes that where never needed in pygobject 3.

Note that at the time I removed those files, mvsc support had already been
bit-rotting for years and the distutils machinery was only used to
create win32 binaries with MinGW GCC afaik.

As I am not that familiar with the distutils mechanism, I thought it
might be helpful to me if I can find out:
-Any things I need to look out for when I try port the distutils
items from 2.28.6 to the current/master branch, perhaps in particular
the codegen items?
  Codegen is no longer used. This block of imports and anything
  using it can be removed.
  Building with MinGW GCC now (hopefully still) works with
  ./ && ./configure && make install so this and
  anything using it can be removed.
  init_extra_compile_args() and init_extra_compile_args() methods can
be removed as we just removed have_gcc() above. build_extensions() still needs
  to call build_ext.build_extensions(self), remove the first two lines
  of the build_extension() method but keep the rest.
If all goes well both these classes can be removed, we're not building
  anything from .defs files anymore (as there is no more codegen). The
  interesting bits we're left with is the PkgConfigExtension class.
Keep this but maybe change the message so it is clear that it's for MSVC only. Historically the autotools where the only 'supported' way of building pygobject/pygtk/... and we don't want to start giving people the wrong impression just because there
  is a file present ;)
Maybe this can be done via get_m4_define('python_min_ver'), or 'python3_min_ver depeding
  on your interpreter version?
  These will need to be adjusted ...
... and these removed, unless somebody has revived the GTK-Doc reference,
  but I don't think that's the case :(

Everything beyond will most likely need to be heavily modified/rewritten as the structure of the Python C extension modules has been significantly changed.

-Any other things that might be pointers or items of interest in the process?

As usual, ensure pkg-config.exe is on PATH and the required .pc files on PKG_CONFIG_PATH
before running

With blessings, thank you!

Good luck and a Merry Christmas !

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