Re: next steps for touch support in GTK+


and yet another case of "I don't know that, so I'll make stuff up".

On 2 August 2012 14:11, Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> wrote:

>> === 3. SpinButton ===
>> [ ... ]
>> Another option is introducing a complete new widget targeted at touch
>> usage (similar to the one in iOS Garageband) [4] which Carlos implemented
>> already [5]. The issue is here the height, which at least in a Sugar toolbar
>> could be not as ideal and introducing a new widget.
> votes++. The spin button in gtk3 has already been bastardized from its
> original mouse/kbd/space-friendly form.

yes, because 6x6 pixel targets are *sooooo* mouse friendly.


if you're gifted by an overabudance of fine motor skills, you'll also
want to reduce all pointer targets to 2x2 pixels; if, on the other
hand, you're like the rest of the human inhabitants of this planet,
you'll see that small pointer targets are *bad*, and that even before
touch enters the equation.

to be honest, the current spin button is better, but "designed for
touch". no, not yet.

> add TouchSpinButton or something and
> leave the old one alone.

I have a brilliant idea instead: why don't you write your own widget
if you are relying on specific appearance and behaviour?



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