Re: next steps for touch support in GTK+

On 12-08-03 09:21 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
Another option is introducing a complete new widget targeted at touch
usage (similar to the one in iOS Garageband) [4] which Carlos implemented
already [5]. The issue is here the height, which at least in a Sugar toolbar
could be not as ideal and introducing a new widget.

votes++. The spin button in gtk3 has already been bastardized from its
original mouse/kbd/space-friendly form. add TouchSpinButton or something and
leave the old one alone.

'bastardized' is a rather unfriendly term for improved. Maybe explain
how the old design was mouse friendly, or how the new one is not
keyboard friendly ?

This issue could be resolved by making a "mobile" UI toolkit in parallel to (and based on the same libraries as) the existing desktop toolkit (maybe gtk-mobile-3.0?). Why not have a separate set of mobile/touch widgets in a separate library? In terms of usability, desktop and mobile interfaces are completely different beasts and "bastardizing"[1] (not my word) one toolkit type into the other is bound to make everyone annoyed.

Matthew Brush (random GTK-app developer and armchair critic)


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