Re: Accessibility in GTK+ under Windows - licensing question

On 18/04/2012 19:19, Colin Walters wrote:
On Tue, 2012-04-17 at 20:50 +0900, Evgeniy Philippov wrote:
Evgeniy wrote:
<...>  Is this possible? My concern is this WSDK EULA.

Jernej Simončič wrote:
The VirtIO drivers for Qemu-KVM build with the Windows Driver Kit, and they
include the following in the license:<...>

Okay. Is it possible to include my possible future UIA code into GTK+
codebase if I use the Windows SDK headers? (Provided that my code will
be quality, of course.)

That's a really good question, and all I can say here is it needs
someone with actual legal expertise to answer.  I'm not sure
what the process might be for handling that in GNOME.  Do we have
contacts with the FSF who might be able to help?

Another option might be to use the LoadLibrary() + GetProcAddress()
technique to get at the functions you need, which is already being
used with success in GLib and GTK+ [1]. Doing so makes it unnecessary
to redistribute proprietary licensed header files with GTK+ sources.


[1] For example in GLib master there's gio/win32/gwinhttpvfs.c
     and in GTK+ master there's gdk/win32/gdkdevicemanager-win32.c
     and gtk/gtkwin32theme.c

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