Two questions: GTK for visually impaired. Windows gtk bundle for apps guidance.

1. I'd like to try to help develop GTK for visually impaired people
under Windows. I am not sure how my motivation will last long or not,
but my free time is currently unlimited. 

I have reports from visually impaired ones that Pidgin client under
Windows is not very accessibility-features-friendly. These people have
referred me to Windows UI Automation API ( ). Pidgin is based
on GTK. Those people prefer to use Miranda which uses WinAPI because
Miranda is more accessibility-features-friendly. I intend to try to help
change that state with GTK under Windows.

The first set of questions is: 

1A) Could you tell the current state of accessibility support of GTK+
under Windows? Current stable Pidgin uses gtk
+-bundle_2.14.7-20090119_win32 under Windows.

1B) Is it hard to add support for accessibility features to GTK+ under
Windows? Could I help with programming that? My C/C++ experience is
somewhat limited but it exists.

2. Current stable Pidgin uses gtk+-bundle_2.14.7-20090119_win32 under


2A) What are necessary and sufficient references for downloading the
latest sources of a Windows bundle (to hack them a bit with best
practices in mind)?

2B) What is the general guidance for programming/hacking this bundle
(with best practices in mind)?

With best regards,
Evgeniy Philippov

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