Re: How to recreate GLib binary bundle for Windows

On Wed, 04 Apr 2012 16:29:22 +0200, Matteo Pampolini wrote:
I'm currently working on a GStreamer-based Windows application, until
now the binary version of GLib that comes with the GTK+ binary bundle
was OK for me, but then I had to recompile GLib itself. With some
issues I was finally able to recompile GLib with both MinGW and MSVC
10, this because I'm using MinGW to recompile GStreamer but I also
have an MSVC project that refers to GLib through GStreamer.

Everything seems fine, but when I start my application I get an error
on a libffi missing symbol. My suspect is that I probably made some
confusion with the two sets binaries: which one should I use, the
runtime DLLs generated by MinGW or the ones generated by MSVC? In
simple words, which of them are distributed inside GTK+ binary bundle?

The win32 gtk+-bundle and separate per package binaries on are built with
a MinGW/MSYS installation on a window xp machine. Those packages
also include msvc compatible import libraries built with the
lib.exe version included with the Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform
SDK from

The original maintainer used msvc 6 which is next to
impossible to get these days and msvc 9 for some modules, but I
lack a visual studio license, hence the SDK.

I'm currently keeping track of the scripts used to build the
packages and bundle plus an informative description of the
setup provided by the original maintainer here:

Please don't hesitate to ask if something should be unclear,

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