GDI+ animation frame delay bug patch

There exists a bug in the gdk-pixbuf's GDI+ animation handling that
causes it to use the first frame's delay to be used for all frames.
This is causing a much-lamented bug in Pidgin on Windows

A couple of months ago I reported this bug (#655755) and provided a
patch that fixes the issue.  It would be great if this patch could be
incorporated in an upcoming release.

I realize that there is a large backlog of bugs and that patches can
get lost in the sea of feature requests and bug reports without
patches, so I'm just sending this email to point that this one has a
patch and could be dis-positioned without a lot of work.

If there is any more information I could provide on the bug or the
fix, let me know.  Also, I've never dealt with Gnome dev before, so if
this email is a breach of etiquette, just say so and I'll happily step
to the sidelines and wait my turn.


Keith Moyer

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