Re: circular dependency between glib and pkg-config

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011, Stuart Ambler wrote:

It seems that the pkg-config README in [Ryan Lortie's] message tried to address that, but sorry, I didn't see what zlib had to do with the dependency of glib on pkg-config. ("To build pkg-config, you need glib installed already. Note that glib build-depends on pkg-config, but you can just set the corresponding environment variables (ZLIB_LIBS, ZLIB_CFLAGS are the only needed ones when this is written) to build it.")

Presumably the point is that zlib is the only prerequisite library that is handled by pkg-config in the glib build (as in pkg-config --libs zlib, pkg-config --cflags zlib). The effect of the calls to pkg-config is to define ZLIB_LIBS and ZLIB_CFLAGS, but these could equally well be set manually.

Allin Cottrell

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