Re: circular dependency between glib and pkg-config

On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 3:45 PM, Stuart Ambler <stuart zulazon com> wrote:

> I wonder if it has been considered to break out the most stable portions of
> glib that could be thought of as C language extensions, into a package with
> no dependencies other than standard compiler and autotools, that can be used
> by glib as well as other packages written in C that may be unrelated to
> Gnome.  Or perhaps there's another clean solution. Perhaps the glib and
> pkg-config developers would come up with a good solution if they
> communicated; if that hasn't already happened.

GLib can be used very easily by modules unlated to GNOME, and in fact it is.
As to the splitting, I don't think that is a very realistic
proposition, and I don't think we consider the circular dependency to
be an unsurmountable problem in practice.

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