Re: Grip Size

On 26/09/2011 21:21, Matthew Bucknall wrote:
> I'm working on a custom container class using GTK+ 3.0 which has some
> similarities with GtkPaned but supports more than two child widgets.

Got something something similar working nicely some time ago, but
targeting GTK+ 2 through PyGTK:

> I
> can install a style property to specify the size of the grips used for
> resizing child widgets, however it is not likely that any theme will
> ever support the property for my class. Is it possible for my
> container class to get at the handle-size property for GtkPaned
> without having to instantiate a GtkPaned object?

Would be interested to learn the same as we're simply defaulting
to 4 pixels in the code linked above. gtkpaned.c's handle-size style
property seems to default to 5 these days:


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