Re: Please don't drop support for Curve

Charlie, I think that you forgot to send this to the mailing list.

On 2011-05-04 11:05, Charlie De <charliecoeli yahoo com> wrote:
Well, I'm stunned, this is depressing!

What hurt or damage would it have done to have left the widget in? None
whatsoever. It leaves me wondering if you guys know what business you're in? One
would think you're in the business of offering solutions and improving them, not
removing them for no good reason.

The reasoning given in the GTK+ 2 documentation was that GtkCurve ‘is too specialized’, which seems reasonable. The original discussion was on Bugzilla:

which led to the deprecation, and the removal occurred a while later:

Where is the oversight of your team, to allow you to act so arbitrarily? I mean,
how do we know that something that's in the toolkit now, isn't going to be
removed later, with no replacement offered other than "learn how to create your
own widgets". This is beyond ridiculous!

The replies from Dov and Danielle seem constructive. I would add that UFRaw has a custom curve widget that may be even better than GtkCurve for your use case:

Admittedly, maintaining your own custom widget will require more work than if the widget were included in the toolkit, but you mentioned that GtkCurve was basic, and the only way to add features would be to create your own widget.

Have a nice day, you bunch of bums.


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On 2011-05-04 03:22, Charlie De <charliecoeli yahoo com>  wrote:
>I've joined up with this list for one single reason: to ask the  developers
>re-consider and reverse their decision to deprecate and  eventually remove
>Curve widget from GTK+.

GtkCurve was already  removed in GTK+ 3. It was deprecated in GTK+ 2.20
but will remain in GTK+ 2  to preserve API and ABI  compatibility.

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