Re: gtk+ win32 binaries

The former windows maintainer doesnt have time anymore [2] to do the
windows binaries, so any help is very welcomed

You and I should talk. I too have compiled up everything for Win32 (busy testing Win64 at the moment). My particular solution is a bit broader as it compiles everything needed to get a complete GTK+ solution, from zlib and gettext all the way up to GTK+. I also did it using just command files, not a make file in sight and absolutely no dependency on any tools other than Microsoft provided ones, no MinGW, no Cygwin, nothing. I also verified it works both with a hand-crafted MS toolchain as described in and using MSVC 2010 (professional edition, not the free one, in case that makes a difference). Here is what my solution compiles:

zlib             1.2.5
iconv            1.13.1
libpng           1.5.1
giflib           4.1.6
jpeg             8c
libxml2          2.7.8
libxslt          1.1.26
fontconfig       2.8.0
freetype         2.4.4
expat            2.0.1
pcre             8.12
glib             2.28.3
pixman           0.21.6
cairo            1.10.2
pango            1.28.3
gdk-pixbuf       2.21.1
atk              1.33.6
gtk+             3.0.5


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