Re: GDBus support on Win32 + other platforms (Was Re: GtkApplication and argc/arv)

On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 4:40 AM, Tristan Van Berkom
<tristanvb openismus com> wrote:

> As I mentioned before, I'm not asking for an implementation on win32
> of GtkApplication, I'm just asking for it to succeed, run a mainloop
> and "do something" as a fallback for a missing implementation.

So, you are not asking for an implementation, you just want it to work
? :-) Thats kinda funny...

>> It shares that fate with many other features, like file monitoring,
>> content types, etc. where  native implementations on other platforms
>> are sadly missing.
> Do we really have other instances like this ?

Here is some analysis of portability concerns for the GNOME stack, not
just GTK+. Might be instructive:

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