a helper script to build glib from git master on win32

Hi, all

When I was trying to build my own glib for win32, I found that there
were already project files for the various versions of Visual studio,
which was great. The problem was that these project files required
some additional files that were generated by Makefiles and only
bundled with the released packages. So if you want to use these
project files to build from git source, you have to generate these
required files by yourself, which means you need a Unix-like
development environment. That's quite inconvenient for a windows
developer using Visual studio. So I wrote a python script to generate
these files following the similar logic as the building system on
Unix/Linux. Currently, it only makes vs9/glib.sln run, because I have
only Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. But I think it's quite
straightforward to make it work for vs10/glib.sln. The drawback with
this method is that it doesn't track the dependencies, which means
whenever you rerun this script, your project file would be renewed and
that project needs to rebuild as a whole. But this also happens with
the current building system and you don't really need to run this
script that often.

Best Regards

Shixin Zeng

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