Re: Gail next steps (was Re: GTK and ATK)

I think we should probably give a quick status update.
In the last week, Benjamin and I have started to implement the outlined plan.
Achievements so far:

- Code has been moved from modules/other/gail to gtk/a11y

- Gail is no longer a module, but gets compiled into GTK+ proper. You
still need to
  load atk-bridge to make your application visible to ATs, but using
accessible objects
  inside the process now just works; gtk_widget_get_accessible()
always gives you
  a fully functional accessible.

- Some dead code has been removed (the old test stuff; remnants of GtkHtml and
  GnomeCanvas support)

- We have written a tool that takes a GtkBuilder file as input and
produces a textual
  dump of the accessible tree; the tool is set up to compare the
output against the
  expected result. This should help us to avoid regressions as we
refactor the gail

- Some bugs in accessible implementations have been found and fixed.

All of this lives in the 'a11y' branch.

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