www.gtk.org now updated but no news!

Hi all,

So, I have been working on migrating to the new gtk.org site which was reviewed here:


We have no officially moved over to the new work as it is in master (in gtk-web). The old website was tagged "pre-php-site-for-gtk-3" before the switch here:


The only issue I see so far is that the news from twitter/identica is not showing up and actually causes a massive fail on the website. I have disabled that on the main page for now so we have no news. As you can see from:


After some trial and error, I have deduced it's not the "include" statement for the class Devin wrote (because I included it directly and the same thing happens).

The current failing version is available here:


I tried copying the set up on my test server (curlybeast.net) for the php.ini but I can't reproduce this issue. Right now, there are only 2 things it could be based on the php info[1] outputs I've been comparing:

  1. The PHP version is 5.1.6 on gtk.org, curlybeast.net uses 5.2.4.
     (unlikely to be the real reason).

  2. The modules loaded for curlybeast.net includes json, which gtk.org
     doesn't load AFAICS.
     (more likely to be this)

I don't have access to the server, so I can't see what errors are being thrown up. Shawn, are you able to give me access to at least debug the situation there?

[1] http://www.gtk.org/test.php

Devin, if you have any suggestions, that would be appreciated too.

Any comments or fixes people notice, please let me know :)


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