Re: Updated GTK+ 2.24.5 binaries (and bundle)

On Mon, 2011-07-11 at 22:22 +0200, Dieter Verfaillie wrote:
> Hi,
> Some time ago I've asked Tor how his Windows build environment
> looked like and he shared everything to be able to recreate
> it (thanks again!). The various mails we exchanged and the
> resulting directory structure and scripts can be found here:
> [1]

I wonder if there is general interest in putting some more of these
non-unix build tools or configurations on gnome git. 

Such a repository could hold your/Tors build scripts, I personally have
some python distutils/py2exe code that builds windows binaries and
installers [1], I know you do too [2]. IIRC similar code exists for Mono
(and there there is bockbuild? or similar)

Even if the tools don't get moved to gnome git it might be beneficial to
at least put examples of their use there, similar to gnome-hello.

What do other people think, does anyone else out there have similar
painfully crafted utilities / scripts? Both windows and Mac welcome.



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