Re: Updated GTK+ 2.24.5 binaries (and bundle)


I've updated the packages on [1] to now include the MSVC-compatible
import libraries (built with the version of lib.exe included with
the Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK (5.2.3790.2075.51) available
from [2].

The only difference remaining between these and those already
on is intentional: and gtk+_2.24.5-2_win32.log (included with live in src/dieterv/packaging instead
  of src/tml/packaging in the hopes of making it clear Tor has not
  built these (so users of these don't go bugging him for support);

So, getting back to my original question: is there any interest in
hosting these files on If there is, I'll
gladly "do the work" and also provide a patch for [3].



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