Re: Introducing a kqueue backend for GIO (GSoC)

Hello Colomban,

On 22/06/2011 04:25, Colomban Wendling wrote:
Yes, and as far as I understand the code correctly, I think the use of
g_once_init_enter/leave() would be better appropriate here than the
plain lock and "initialized" var

I have rewritten it to use GOnce.

Also there is G_N_ELEMENTS() for calculating the size of a static array
(e.g. in convert_kqueue_events_to_gio()).

Finally, I think the implementation of convert_kqueue_events_to_gio() is
a bit overkill for what it really does, and would probably be cheaper
with a simple if() list. It's about 4 ifs, it's not like there were
plenty of them. But that's not important, and the compiler maybe even
optimizes this out to get rid of the static array and the loop.

I have also realized that it was an overkill. Rewritten on ifs.

Thank you for your notes too!


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