Re: Introducing a kqueue backend for GIO (GSoC)

Hello Dan,

Thanks a lot for your comments!

On Tue, 21 Jun 2011 19:42:51 -0400, Dan Winship <danw gnome org> wrote:
The configure check is setting kqueue_support to true before
checking that kqueue() and kevent() exist.


I assume this is supposed to work on all BSDs? What about OS X?
(If not, it probably needs additional checks to avoid building
on platforms where it won't work.)

It should. OS X also has kqueue/kevent, so in theory it should
work even there. I will try to test it on OS X to make sure.

Re: kqueue-thread: Are you sure it's not possible add the kqueue
fd to the main loop and just call kevent() whenever poll() says
it's readable?

The problem is that the watched file descriptors are passed to
the kernel and notifications are returned from it within a single
call to kevent(). So I do not see any other solutions :).

(Longer term, there is a bug in bugzilla about moving the main
loop to use epoll() instead of poll(), and if that ever happens
it would probably make it pretty easy to switch the BSDs to using
kqueue() instead of poll() too.)

Yes, that would be fine. I have thought about it during my
GMainLoop implementation analysis, and, since the Windows port
already uses HANDLEs and [Msg]WaitForMultipleObjects(), I even
considered to do it during the summer, but then decided that
it would have a huge impact and harder to integrate.

"initialized" in _kh_startup() needs to be volatile or it's not
guaranteed to behave the way you want...

Thanks for pointing it out for me!

There was a comment somewhere about using memory pools; in glib
that would be gslice, and yes, it's good to use that if you're
allocating lots of objects of the same size.

kqueue_subs are now allocated with Glib's Memory Slices.

The write() call at the end of _kqueue_thread_func() needs to
deal with the possibility of EINTR, I think. Or else you could
just use some other communication mechanism, such as GAsyncQueue.
(You might want to use that for the pick_up/removed fds lists

Added EINTR handling.

I have tried to use GAsyncQueue to transfer fds to the kqueue thread,
but there was a regression - the monitor has missed a lot of events
on an intensive fs activity. Probably it was my bug, anyway I will not
merge it into the kqueue/master until I find a root cause.

Minor code style problems:


If you're going to do function documentation in a "structured"
way, use gtk-doc conventions.


The use of a "g_" prefix on static/global variables seems very
wrong to me (especially in files where nothing else is


Again, thanks for such a detailed review!


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