Re: GI Help


On 20 December 2011 03:06, bijan binaee <bijanbina gmail com> wrote:

> i have a c code and i want to bind it to JavaScript that document you send
> to me is for how to write code in Gjs that i know it

thanks for taking up the task of looking at writing more documentation
for GObject-Introspection.

I assume what you want to achieve is writing/consuming a C library in
JavaScript through introspection.

first of all, start on the wiki page for GObject-Introspection:

there is a page on autotools-integration:

and a page on writing bindable API:

plus the page on the annotations that let you control the output of
the GI scanner:

there is also a (small) tutorial:

which might have gone a bit out of date — though it should give you a
direction on how to consume a C library from JavaScript.

more documentation is, obviously, always welcome, so feel free to
start writing it on your wiki user's page and ask the introspection
developers to review it.



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