Re: GLIB, libffi and Windows

On 08/08/2011 01:51 PM, Kean Johnston wrote:
I realize it is not the project's goal, but my *personal* agenda is to
make Gtk+/GLib development trivial on Windows. Professionally,
personally and religiously I'm a UNIX man, but one thing UNIX lacks is
some of the better apps available on Windows. It may not change the
world but if we can remove one more barrier to Windows developers being
able to easily port to UNIX we may start seeing more of them. With Linux
having a bigger and bigger market share it is becoming more attractive
for people to consider porting to it, but not if that development costs
major dollars, and having a platform that works equally well on both
OSes drastically reduces that cost. It's worth bearing in mind when
GNOME- or UNIX-centric decisions are made, that's all I am saying.


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