Re: gtk+3.0.9 compile error on Sparc Solaris10 by solstudio12.2

    It seems all of the errors occur in the compiling for some important header files(glib.h,gio.h ,etc..) cannot be found. So you shall fix this first: check your Makefile to ensure the header files' path is included,if not, check your configuring to achieve this.
On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 10:46 PM, Mizuho Matsunaga <mizu0 mizucci net> wrote:
Hi all

I try to compile gtk+3.0.9 on my Sparc Solaris10 by solstudio12.2.
But compile error occured on gdk/x11.
many, many syntax error.

I installed glib2.28.6, solstudio12.2.

Please advice me.

Mizuho Matsunaga <mizu0 mizucci net>
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