Re: Resource framework, relocatability (was Re: Glib: a Win32 discussion)

For simplicity, suppose that your all-in-one-files have the extension
.glick. Suppose also that we have a per-user-per-system daemon
watching (relevant parts of, such as only ~/Downloads, ~/Desktop and
~/Applications) $HOME for such files. That daemon could then make
resources in each .glick file, such as .desktop files and other
things, available in the ~/.watcher-daemon hierarchy (by looking into
each fie). In fact ~/.watcher-daemon could be a FUSE mount the same
way ~/.gvfs is a FUSE mount. Then you just have to include
~/.watcher-daemon in the XDG environment variables and you are
basically done [1].<crazy_idea/>
Now suppose you are not running on UNIX, Gtk+ isn't used for the entire environment, you have a user base that distrusts background processes and gets annoyed by them, and gets even more annoyed by random files being created all over the place, and doesn't have FUSE mounts. You have one and only one Gtk+ application that displays a clock. That's it. Do you want multi-megabyte, complicated solutions like this for one app?

I know Gtk is very GNOME-centric but it would serve the library best if people always bear in mind that it is deployed outside of a GNOME environment. Some things just don't belong at this level, even though they COULD be implemented here. Just my $0.02.


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