Re: GOption encoding trouble (was Re: Glib: a Win32 discussion)

2011/4/10 Hans Breuer <hans breuer org>:
> Unfortunately none of the patches in bug #522131 fullfilled all the
> requirements. And I do no have a good idea to solve it in GLib either.
> The same problem was solved application specific to Dia with

What exactly are the requirements? Making GOption "just work" when it
is used on Windows the same way it is on Unix is impossible.

Your Dia problem was different from bug #522131, because you
apparently don't use GOption. I fixed the "some filenames don't open"
bug in Inkscape a long time ago; the whole point is that the fix
prevents me from using GOption.

> For me the trouble is still the desired scope of GApplication, namely how
> much IPC is really necessary. And is it supposed to be platform IPC (like
> COM on win32) or GLib specific?

If this is possible using some IPC mechanisms already wrapped by GLib,
I guess the GLib IPC could be used. Otherwise use named pipes or file
mappings (aka shared memory). I'm not sure whether named pipe creation
has the same useful semantics as named mutex creation.

Regards, Krzysztof

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